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Let's consider a case study: imagine you organising a big programming contest. Let's call it 'bestcoder'. First, from 10.03.2010 to 31.05.2010 the participants should solve some easy tasks to show that they can program. Next, the best participants travel to Warsaw, sit in front of Warsaw University's computers and on 10.06.2010 solve difficult tasks to determine the winner.

How to create this structure in SIO2 environment?


You should create one contest, named 'bestcoder'


Two rounds should exists:

  • Elimination round, with 'start time' set to 10.03.2010 and 'end time' set to 31.05.2010
  • Final round, with 'start time' set to 10.06.2010 00:00 and 'end time' set to 10.06.2010 23:59

Then, you should bind the problems to approporiate rounds.

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